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Great Australian wine begins in the vineyard and since 1971 it’s the dedication to the science and technology advances of modern Australian viticulture that has seen the Hickinbotham family vineyards become renowned quality, cost efficient grape growers for some of the industry’s leading winemakers. The natural evolution for the family was to establish their own wine labels. In 2004, the 3 Rings label was established to showcase Shiraz and the Barossa Valley.

Please follow the links below to the current & back vintage tasting notes available for 3 Rings wines. As the vintage seasons are different, so is the wine. We aim for maximum flavour and colour (in our reds), and as such the alcohol levels vary from vintage to vintage depending on the seasonal grape ripeness characters.

3 Rings Barossa Valley Shiraz 2014

Colour: Deep midnight black with a squid ink hue.

Bouquet: Expressive and powerful notes of dark and exotic berries.

Palate: A full bodied wine. Layered beautifully with texture and elegance. Strong presence of dark and rich chocolates, traces of tar, leather and spice lead to a core of supple yet immense fruit driven characteristics, with a flavour wrapped finish towards the end of the palate.

Food: Slow cooked brisket, grilled lamb, grass feed beef or a hearty beef stew and of course a New York strip steak.


Analytical Data: Alcohol 15.0%, Total acidity: 6.7g/l, Residual sugar: 1.2g/l, pH: 3.64

Current Vintage Tasting Notes: 2014

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3 Rings Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Colour: Deep black with a squid ink hue.

Bouquet: Aroma of subtle and sophisticated spice, cassis, crushed tobacco leaf, bay leaf, cedar and vanilla.

Palate: Fine and generous mouth feel, with predominate jam characters, vanilla and boysenberry; hints of toast and dark chocolates compliment this full bodied, well balanced and surprisingly powerful tasting wine.

Food: Fried tofu with spicy ginger sesame sauce, beef stir fry with fresh pickled ginger or sticky barbeque beef ribs.


Analytical Data: Alcohol 14.5%, Total acidity: 5.4g/l, Residual sugar: 0.9g/l, pH: 3.67

Current Vintage Tasting Notes: 2013

3 Rings Reserve Shiraz

Colour: A inky squid black with a hard darken hue.

Bouquet: Fresh bodies of berry and plum fruits.

Palate: Savoury notes of leather and cinnamon linger on the back palate, along with velvety tannins integrated with elegant oak.


Analytical Data: Alcohol 15.9%, Total acidity: 6.9 g/l, Residual sugar: 1.8 g/l, pH: 3.41

Current Vintage Tasting Notes: 2006